Cadwell Park

Cadwell Park

Cadwell Park is one of British motorsport’s best-kept secrets, despite the fact it has hosted car, bike and kart races since its creation.

1934 saw the first circuit used at Cadwell Park. The corners of Charlies, Chris and Mansfield all celebrate the founders in the Wilkinson family.

For 1952, the circuit was extended to one and a quarter miles with the addition of Mansfield Corner. Some of the motorcycle meetings also featured Formula 3 races.

However, regular car meetings didn’t take place until May 1962, after Charles Wilkinson purchased some adjoining land and extended the circuit length to 2.176 mile/ 3.49 km. Cadwell Park is currently part of the Brands Hatch Leisure group.

A combination of long fast curves and some very tricky tight bends, hills with a nasty hairpin. The track can be split into two main sections, the section from Coppice through to Chris Curve (Club Circuit) is fairly simple but the section from Gooseneck through to Barn requires a lot of concentration, a lot of accidents occur at this section.

As well as the VSCC’s annual visit in June and the Radical Festival in August, Cadwell’s highlight of the season will be the British Superbike meeting on the August Bank Holiday weekend. This is when the circuit’s true character comes out. Car or bike, Cadwell sorts the men from the boys.

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