Louth Museum

Louth Museum

Louth museum opened on the 3rd March 2006 and is on situated on Broadbank.

The museum has been several years in the making and is a far cry from many stuffy Victorian town museums.

The museum has had a considerable amount of time and money spent refurbishing and extending it and is now a museum the town is proud of.

Whilst the museum is small it will still entertain the visitor for an hour or so especially with its impressive display of Browns Panoramic. The panoramic was painted in 1840 by William Brown who was a house painter and reporter and he took the opportunity to paint the views from the scaffolding around St James Church Spire during some restoration work.

Also featured are a working printing press, artifacts from Roman and Medieval period and many items associated with the Georgian and Victorian period.

Of particular interest is the wonderful architecture of this quirky Edwardian building including the internal balustrade and the fine display featuring the 1920s flood disaster.

Louth Museum, 4 Broadbank, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 0EQ

Telephone 01507 601211 – Website www.louthmuseum.org

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